Communication. Collaboration. Coordination.

Avoid costly readmissions and better manage high-risk patients.

CareCases, an educational partnership between CaseNetwork and NTOCC, provides a full curriculum to teach team-based collaboration, competency skills and best practices for patient transitions. CareCases will help you to identify the challenges among providers so that you can resolve them quickly.  On-board new team members, create a transitional care program, initiate a group discussion, or re-certify existing providers – CareCases teaches your healthcare team to provide better care and improve patient outcomes.

Key Components

  • Teaches healthcare teams to coordinate interdisciplinary care across multiple healthcare settings
  • Built on industry best practices, complementing any transitional care model
  • Improves individual and team aptitude, proficiency, and decision making
  • Helps avoid readmission penalties while improving patient care
  • Conveniently accesses via online and mobile devices
  • Provides private tools for team interaction and peer-to-peer problem solving

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CareCases Blog

Help Them Help You: Educate Patients and Families For Best Care
June 17, 2015

No matter how highly skilled and well trained your medical care team may be, there is always a wild card when it comes to the team’s efficacy: the patient. While some patients are knowledgeable about their condition and their care, others are unfamiliar, confused, or scared. Bringing the patient and her family into the information loop optimizes care. Educating the patient about her condition in a way she can understand, confirming that she understands her plan of care, and working with her to develop self-care management skills for the future makes the patient a valuable member of her own care team.

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On Demand Webinar

Watch NTOCC's webinar, Teaching Healthcare Teams to Coordinate Transitional Care Across Multiple Care Settings, presented by CaseNetwork Founder & CEO, Jeffrey Levy, MD.  

The webinar discusses and demonstrates how CareCases addresses specific challenges faced by healthcare professionals dealing with difficult transitions of care situations.  NTOCC’s “7 Essentials Intervention Categories” forms the foundation for the educational series.


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About CaseNetwork

CaseNetwork is a technology enhanced medical education company focused on case-based and competency-based education that enables learners to improve their knowledge and comprehension of critical patient situations and disease states. CaseNetwork’s innovative simulated patient encounters integrate the highest quality content in medicine with required proficiencies and skills. CaseNetwork’s proprietary platform also includes collaborative social learning and is delivered in a convenient fashion through mobile devices for anytime, anywhere learning. The CaseNetwork solution helps healthcare professionals increase their problem solving skills and improve competency with the ultimate goal to improve patient outcomes. For more information, visit and follow CaseNetwork on Twitter @CaseNetworkU.



The National Transitions of Care Coalition is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to addressing a serious U.S. health care issue: filling the gaps that occur when patients leave one care setting and move to another care setting. These transitions include patients moving from primary care to specialty physicians; moving or transferring patients from the emergency department to intensive care or surgery; and when patients are discharged from the hospital to home, assisted living arrangements, or skilled nursing facilities. The U.S. health care system often fails to meet the needs of patients during these transitions because care is rushed and responsibility is fragmented, with little communication across care settings and multiple providers.

Since 2006, NTOCC’s Advisors Council of over 30 organizations has shared a common goal of improving the quality of Transitions of Care. Working in conjunction with 450 Associate Member organizations and over 5,000 individual professional subscribers, NTOCC has developed tools and resources made available to everyone in the health care industry including providers, payers, patients and consumers. NTOCC’s mission is supported by the Partners Council made up of innovative companies leading critical change in health care coordination.

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Dedicated to improving care coordination and the quality of Transitions of Care